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Family Law

Our family law practice is focused on successfully resolving family law disputes. Yet we remain mindful of the impact of such matters on the families of our clients.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce

We have years of experience handling legal separation and divorce in Connecticut. Our cases range from high-stakes disputes involving complex property division and spousal support to uncontested divorces. Our Hartford family law attorneys offer our clients options in the methods used to arrive at settlement agreements. This includes negotiation, mediation and out-of-court settlements. When divorce litigation cannot be avoided, we are aggressive advocates who protect your parental rights and financial interests.

Child Custody and Visitation

We can help you develop a parenting plan that protects the relationship of you and your child(ren). We help families with modification of custody and parenting plans and with sensitive move-away situations.

Child Support

We can explain how state child support guidelines apply to you. We can help enforce a support order and get money owed  you. We also defend parents who have been unfairly overcharged and those facing legal penalties for failing to pay support.


Establishing paternity of a child will trigger child support. It will also trigger a parenting plan to establish visitation or custody. Whether you are seeking to challenge or establish paternity, we have the experience and resources to secure your rights.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence in the form of spousal abuse or child abuse is not uncommon. Whether you are seeking a protective order, or you have been falsely accused of abuse in the context of a divorce proceeding, we can help.

Choosing a Hartford family law attorney

hartford-family-law-attorney-rome-clifford-katz-koernerRome Clifford Katz & Koerner LLP is a Hartford, Connecticut law firm of experienced attorneys who handle a variety of matters for individuals within Connecticut.

One of our Hartford family law attorneys, Wendy J. Davies, is a certified divorce mediator. She is also a Special Master in divorce court in Hartford Superior Court.

Closely related to our family law practice is our Estate Planning and Probate practice. This consists of aid to individuals with wealth preservation, asset protection,  succession planning, and contested probate matters.

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